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Fitness and Nutrition Roundup: Common Health Mistakes, Multivitamins, Fat-Fighting Foods, and Depression

What is the health mistake that 80% of Americans make? Not eating enough dietary fiber. Fiber helps with weight loss, intestinal health, and preventing heart disease. According to the Institute of Medicine, people should consume “38 grams of fiber daily for men ages 19 to 50, and 30 grams daily for men over 50. Women ages 19 to 50 should eat 25 grams daily, while the goal for women over 50 is 21 grams daily.” Aim to increase fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in your diet!

Should you take a multivitamin? The answer lies in your diet and health needs. If you do not get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals from your daily diet, then you should supplement. Those who are especially at risk are pregnant women, those recovering from illness, dieters, the elderly, and strict vegetarians.

What are some effective “fat-fighting” foods? WebMD reports some great food options for those trying to lose weight. Topping the list is Greek yogurt, quinoa, cinnamon, hot peppers, green tea, grapefruit, and watermelon.

Do you know about depression? Test you smarts here and learn about this widespread problem. Depression is more than just sad thoughts, and you can’t “think” your way out of a depressive state.

News flash – your skin communicates with your liver. This new research with mice has exposed some interesting connections between skin diseases and how they effect the rest of the body

Fitness & Nutrition News Roundup: It’s All About Perspective

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty.  Beauty means such different things to different people, whether we’re talking about themselves, other people, the world, art, or small moments in time.  Today, as a short break from your studying for finals, I invite you to take a look at four reminders of what beauty means to different people and to remember to stop every now and then and remember to appreciate the moments of beauty in your own life.  Sometimes I find that the best remedy for stress is to simply remind myself of the bigger picture to be able to remember that there is a lot more out there than these moments of stress and worry.

1. Hear what a massage therapist has to say about what real people really look like from his years of experience with seeing and massaging the human body.  He offers a realistic and beautiful reminder that real men and women don’t look like the men and women on the cover of magazines.  In fact, those men and women on the covers of the magazines don’t even look like that in real life.  In the real world of real human beings, “women have cellulite, men have silly buttocks.”

2. Check out the series that one artist by the name of Carl Warner decided to create from the human body and some editing skills.  Don’t worry—no photo shopping to create the “perfect” human body here! He decided to make the already beautiful human body into a set of landscapes, and the results are amazing!

3. If you’re super squeamish: beware.  This collection of photos gets up close and personal with the human body on a microscopic level—literally.  The following is a collection of “Fifteen Beautiful Microscopic Images From Inside the Human Body,” from the split end of a hair to a blood clot and a peek of what the inside of your lungs looks like.

4. Meet Danielle, the creation of Anthony Cerniello, a film and video editor who decided to create a short film representation (less than five minutes long) of life and the aging process.  In five minutes, you’ll watch the face of a little girl age throughout her life into an elderly woman.  The amazing thing is that Cerniello managed to capture the sense of aging almost entirely imperceptibly, just as we do in reality.  We do not notice ourselves becoming older with each passing day, we simply look in the mirror at some point and realize that we have grown taller, or that our faces have grown thinner or more full, or that we have the faintest traces of wrinkles appearing that we never noticed before.  This is the way Danielle ages before our very eyes as well; there are no swift and specific noticeable changes in any one feature of her face, yet somehow, in the blink of an eye, she has grown old.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s news round-up on beauty and perspective.  Remember to keep a healthy perspective as exams approach and to take care of yourself, and don’t forget that there is something beautiful to discover every single day if you are willing to look!

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: All-Day Energy, Cell Phones and Fitness, and Foods for Happiness

If you’re looking to run faster and stronger, running hills may be just what you need. In this article, several hill workouts are listed and their benefits are explained. Get going!

Want to be full of energy all day? This article can help you from nodding off is class with various tips – from what to eat and what to do. For example, did you know that a brisk 10-minute walk can give you a surge of energy that lasts up to 10 hours?

A recent study in the Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity linked high cell phone usage to decreased fitness levels in college students. In the study, students who were on their phone for large amounts of time (as much as 14 hours daily) were the least fit, while students whose usage totaled to as little as 90 minutes were in the best shape. Maybe its time to put up the phone and get active!,,20340397,00.html

This article will show you several foods that have been shown to boost your mood. From quinoa to shrimp, there’s bound to be something good for you here.

Having trouble falling asleep? Start exercising regularly to help “dial down” stress response and fall asleep faster.

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: A Nutritionist’s Favorite Foods, New Cardio Routines & More!

13 Myths That May Be Messing with Your Workout – One day you read that you need to fuel your body before a workout and the next day you read that you burn the most fat on an empty stomach.  Well, which is it?  FitSugar breaks down fitness truths and lies so that you’ll be exercising efficiently and in a healthy way.

6 Foods This Nutritionist Eats Every Day – Want to know what registered dieticians are regularly eating?  Read this article from Health and you’ll learn what foods will give you the wide spectrum of nutrients your body needs.  Here’s a preview – dark chocolate!

5 Muscle-Building Exercises You’ve Never Tried – If you’ve been doing the same number of the same weight squats, bench presses and lunges for the past year, it’s probably time to switch up your routine.  Check out these great strength training moves from Men’s Health.  You’ll work every muscle in a new way.

5 New Ways to Do Cardio – Are you bored of the same old cardio routine?  If you’re one who counts down the minutes til you can hop off the treadmill, check out this article from Self.  Five new 30 minute cardio workouts are provided that’ll keep things exciting and keep you from getting bored.

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Protein Powder Recipes, Jumpstart Your Interval Training & More!

10 Things Trainers Wish You Knew About Your Workout: Real Simple interviewed some trainers and found out the most common exercise mistakes, but the article doesn’t leave you hanging there.  Find out what mistakes you might unknowingly be making and how to easily correct them in order to see better results in the gym!

How to Become a Morning Workout Person: I’ve gone to the gym at all sort of hours and I think it’s safe to say that it’s an extremely small minority that are morning workout folks.  If you skip hitting the snooze button and exercise in the morning, that leaves the rest of the day entirely free.  If you want to learn how to painlessly make it to the gym before your day gets busy, read this article from Women’s Health.

15 New Ways to Use Protein Powder: Tired of the ol’ fruit and protein powder smoothie?  Get your protein fix in from one of these Daily Spark recipes, including cake, cheesecake pancakes and more!  You can even whip up a recipe or two for your friends and they’ll have no idea they’re building muscles while they chew.

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Interval Training Today: We’ve all been told that interval training is the most effective way to workout.  Still not doing it though?  Body Building will teach you how it works, how to incorporate it into your usual routine and how to put a plan into action.

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Rules for Getting Ripped, Fitness Startups & More!

38 Excuse-Proof Reasons to Get to the Gym: Feeling unmotivated? Scroll through a few of these 38 motivators from Anytime Health and you’ll soon be sprinting to the gym. A workout can make you smarter, increase your social skills and give you a confidence boost – read it to believe it!

The New Rules for Getting Ripped: Whether you want to get ripped or just fit, these tips from Men’s Fitness  will help you see results without starving yourself or spending hours in the gym. These tips include keeping carbs in your diet and eating more fat – sounds like a good plan to me!

The 50 Most Innovative Health, Fitness, and Happiness Startups: Just a few people really can make a difference in the world. Greatist lists 50 apps, bloggers and companies that have been keeping people motivated to reach all sorts of health-related goals.

I Ran 50 Marathons in 50 States, All While Battling Cancer: This will inspire you, motivate you and make you cry. Don Wright is one inspiring fellow and his story of battling cancer while reaching goals is worth a read.

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Reasons to Start Lifting, 23 Healthy Workout Habits & More!

The 5 Best and Worst Nutrition Bars: Nutrition bars are great on-the-go snacks, especially if you need something to fuel your workout or help you recover.  Well+Good NYC lists the best and worst of them, so you can treat your body pre and post-workout the way it deserves!

Need-to-Know Nutrition Advice from The Biggest Loser’s RD: I may not completely agree with this show, but it’s addicting! Plus these tips that Cheryl Forberg gave Fitness Magazine sure come in handy when it comes to eating healthy!

20 Reasons to Start Lifting: Do you find yourself avoiding the weight room and always signing up for the treadmill? If you’re obsessed with cardio, these reasons to start a strength training routine from Fitbie may turn you into a lifting fan.

23 Healthy Workout Habits to Start Now: USA Today gives us a long list of reasons of workout habits, like “multitask your movements” (e.g. lunge and bicep curl combo) and “run faster.”  Picking out a few of these will make fitness more enjoyable and you’ll see results!

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Best Fat-Loss Workout, 50 Healthiest Snacks & More!

How to Baby Step Your Way to a Big Goal: Maybe you’ve got a resolution to run a certain amount of miles before 2014 or gain some weight so you can bench press some extra pounds. Whatever your fitness or nutrition goal is, read these tips from FitSugar that’ll help you accomplish great things one step at a time.

The Best Fat-Loss Workout of All Time: These moves from Shape combine weight training and plyometrics to build muscle and burn fat. Add this routine to your weekly schedule a few days a week and you’ll be feeling stronger and looking toned up in no time.

The 50 Best Snack Foods in America: Not sure what to buy at the student stores or grab on your next grocery shopping trip? Check out the 50 greatest snacks from Men’s Health, including everything from granola bars to fruit smoothies.

Burn the Buns: In need of a new buns and leg workout routine? Here’s a 30 minute one from Anytime Health and you can do one or all exercises! Even better – if you’re not sure how to do the move, click on the link and it’ll show you the steps.

Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Holiday Survival Guide, Treadmill Interval Workouts & More!

20 Best Fitness Tips: Self lists the best motivators, the best arm toning move, the best cardio for faster speed and more.  Put some of these 20 tips into action and you’ll feel more fit before Winter Break!

Your Holiday Weight Gain Survival Guide: Speaking of break, with the holidays come cookies, egg nog and huge slices of pie topped with ice cream (am I the only one getting hungry here?). Here are 17 tips from Fit Bottomed Girls that’ll help you make it to New Year’s Day happy and healthy.

How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoes: Whether you’ve got wide feet, flat feet or you’re prone to getting blisters, there’s a shoe made for you.  Check out this guide from Real Simple on picking the best athletic shoe – and then go shopping!

Tricks of the Tread: Treadmill Interval Workouts: Some days, it’s too chilly to run outside. The treadmill (or dreadmill as I sometimes call it) can get, well, rather boring.  Whether you’re a runner, walker or a combination of the two, Fitness Magazine gives us three exciting treadmill plans.  Print one out and get going!

Avoid the Cold – Attend a Group Fitness Class

What happened?! It went from being 80-something degrees every day to feeling like the middle of winter in Chicago (okay…well maybe not today, but the cold will kick in soon enough!). With the chilly weather, sometimes it seems easier to lay around in your sweatpants, drink hot chocolate and watch repeat Friends episodes. If you are an outdoor runner, heat or cold, all the power to you! But for those of us who need a little motivation to exercise, check out these indoor classes! They’ll get your heart pumping, and despite it being freezing outside, you’ll be sweating!

Cycle: Between the sprints and the hills, you’ll get lots of quick bursts of intense cardio. This is one of my favorite classes, and it’s offered every day of the week! Read my review.

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T): If you’re a morning person, go to this class! The time flies by, you get an effective workout due to the tabata style, plus, it’s just fun! Read my review (and learn more about tabata).

Turbokick: This class is a cross between kickboxing and dancing. So if you love Zumba, try this class! You can read my review first, and then read all about the benefits of kickboxing.

Zumba: Speaking of dancing… Advice from the most uncoordinated student at UNC – take a Zumba class! You won’t know you’re working out (til you wake up slightly sore the next day). Dancer or not, this high-energy class is filled with students of all abilities. Read my review.

Pilates: No it’s not exactly cardio, but this class will get you sweating! Aside from being completely relaxing and reenergizing, this class helps your flexibility and strengthens your muscles. Read more of its benefits here and then read my review.

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