Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Reasons to Start Lifting, 23 Healthy Workout Habits & More!

The 5 Best and Worst Nutrition Bars: Nutrition bars are great on-the-go snacks, especially if you need something to fuel your workout or help you recover.  Well+Good NYC lists the best and worst of them, so you can treat your body pre and post-workout the way it deserves!

Need-to-Know Nutrition Advice from The Biggest Loser’s RD: I may not completely agree with this show, but it’s addicting! Plus these tips that Cheryl Forberg gave Fitness Magazine sure come in handy when it comes to eating healthy!

20 Reasons to Start Lifting: Do you find yourself avoiding the weight room and always signing up for the treadmill? If you’re obsessed with cardio, these reasons to start a strength training routine from Fitbie may turn you into a lifting fan.

23 Healthy Workout Habits to Start Now: USA Today gives us a long list of reasons of workout habits, like “multitask your movements” (e.g. lunge and bicep curl combo) and “run faster.”  Picking out a few of these will make fitness more enjoyable and you’ll see results!

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