Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Refueling Mid-Workout, 10 Ways to Switch Up Indoor Workouts & More!

Do I Need to Refuel Mid-Workout?: Our nutritionists have told me how important pre- and post-workout meals are, but what about mid-workout? Greatist has the info on when it’s necessary and when you are better off just guzzling down some water.

Fitbie’s 10 Favorite Weight Loss Bloggers: You love Tar Heel Tone Up, right? Well here are more blogs to check out from ten fit women. Whether you’re a yoga lover or a chef-to-be, Fitbie has an inspiring list of bloggers.

7 Foods Nutritionists Wouldn’t Touch With a 10-Foot Pole: You’ll be shocked when you read some of these foods that a few nutritionists tell Glamour that they avoid at all costs. The list includes some shockers, like light yogurt and high-protein cereals.

10 Boredom Busters for Indoor Workouts: Do you spend more energy glancing at the clock every minute than on your actual workout? FitSugar has ten ideas to make exercising more exiting. My favorite? “Pal around” – bring a friend to the gym!

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