Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: 10 Common Gym Mistakes, How Sleep Could Affect Your Weight & More

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making at the Gym: Fitsugar lists 10 common mistakes many of us gym-goers are guilty of. Take a look to see how you can improve your routine in order to get better results.

NEWS: Study Suggests Less Sleep Leads to Weight Increase: Many of us go to the gym and try to eat healthfully. But to be as healthy as possible, we may need to leave the UL early and hit the sheets. Greatist tells us about the results of missing out on those nightly eight hours.

Eating Healthfully During Stressful Times: It’s that time of year again: cooler weather, changing leaves and, of course, exams and papers. Instead of turning to that pint of ice cream, WebMD shares how eat nutritiously even when you’re loaded with work.

Just 5 More Minutes: The Calories That Extra Time Burns: Ever feel like quitting your cardio session just five minutes early? Here, Self has a chart to show how many calories you could be burning if you didn’t stop early (so keep at it!).

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