Fitness & Nutrition Roundup: Running a 5K, Nutrition Misconceptions & More

Secrets to Running a 5K Race: Everyday Health gives tips on how to run your first 5k, what to wear and how to stay motivated.

Top 10 Nutrition Misconceptions: Food Network’s Health Eats shares 10 nutrition misconceptions and spills the truth on each one. Bet you didn’t know that “wheat” bread and “whole wheat” bread may not be the same thing and one can be a lot less healthy than the other!

All-Star Core Moves: This Oxygen Magazine slideshow demonstrates five extremely effective core exercises. Do each one a few times a week and soon you may be looking something like Mike ‘The Situation’ from Jersey Shore…or at least a little more toned than you were before!

Rest and Recovery After Exercise: This article discusses the importance of taking a day off from working out and how rest can actually increase your sports performance. With a full course load, we can all support a day of some good rest and relaxation.

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