Indoor Cycling Class

This week I attended my first indoor cycling class of the year, and let me tell you…my legs and butt (too much information?) are definitely feeling it. The 45-minute class was the perfect time because it was enough to give me a great workout but short enough that I could really push myself all the way through it.

Fetzer Cycling Studio

Since I’ve only taken a couple spin classes before this one, I was pretty clueless on how to set up my bike. The instructor, Brie, was more than happy to help, not only me, but some other newbies as well.

Soon I was pedaling away and my heart was pumping. The next 45 minutes altered between sprints, when our RPM (Revolutions per Minute) was above 100, and hills, when we increased the gear to make it more difficult to pedal.

There were three things I really loved about this cycling class:

  1. The Music. I can push myself through anything if I am pedaling to the beat of Lady Gaga or old-school Usher.
  2. The Individual Aspect. This cycling class was all about me. I was the one who decided how fast to pedal and I chose what gear to put my bike on when I climbed hills. When I needed a break, however, I simply slowed myself down and made my (imaginary) hill a little less steep. This class is about doing whatever your body feels is right for you.
  3. The Team Aspect. There were about 10 other people taking the class with me. Whenever I felt like I couldn’t push myself anymore, I just looked up and saw all the other bikers around me challenging themselves. They weren’t stopping, so I wasn’t going to either.

45 minutes and one sweat-drenched outfit later, I had made it through the spin class. Even though it was not the Tour de France, I had a huge sense of accomplishment. I plan on attending this cycling class weekly, not only for the great workout, but also to change-up my routine and to build my endurance.

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