Two quick facts about me:

  1. I’m not a dancer. I have perfected the Macarena and the Electric Slide, but anything else is definitely a struggle.
  2. I’ve never been big on classes at the gym. I can almost always fit cardio or weights into my schedule, but during my two years here, I’ve only attended one fitness class. ONE! And I never went back.

I’ll admit it. The reason I never took another class: it was hard and I was challenged. I have enjoyed my regular routine, which became a breeze after a few months. But a challenge is a great thing. It works new muscles and keeps things exciting! Which is why I wanted to attend a Zumba class.

Instead of spending my day full of classes paying complete attention to my professors, most of my brain was questioning, ‘what should I expect? What should I wear? What if my [lack of] dance skills can’t keep up?’  Before I knew it, it was 3:45 p.m. and I was standing, listening to heart-pumping music, waiting for the clock to strike 4.

People [mostly girls] were piling into the room. As soon as it was 4:00, my instructor for the next hour, Colleen D., started to get the room excited, almost like a cheerleader. She walked to her iPod, pressed play and we began warming up to an energetic Latin tune.

The next hour was more fun than I could have ever expected out of a workout. Colleen taught us the basic steps for about 30 seconds prior to each song, and then we danced! My heart pumped for a good three to four minutes during each routine and then I had the instruction time to rest or guzzle down some water. And trust me, I needed lots of water. Despite my awkward dance skills, I still had an intense work out dancing along to catchy music, which ranged from popular artists like Shakira to classic songs like Proud Mary.

The best thing about Zumba is how it can be modified to one’s skills. Some dance moves required a lot more strength than others, and Colleen gave us options so that everyone would be comfortable. Out of 100 people, there were many people in the room with similar dancing abilities to mine (that is, basically none). However, no one was judging each other. In fact, I was so focused on myself and the workout that I barely paid any attention to the people surrounding me.

It’s a workout you can smile through, but once that short hour is over, you’ll wonder where the time went and how you could’ve sweat that much while having so much fun. It really worked me (I can’t lie – my legs were a little sore the next morning!) and I will definitely attend another Zumba class soon. Grab a few friends (and maybe a boy to balance the guy-girl ratio), and start dancing!

This Thursday, (Sept. 22nd) Campus Rec will be holding a Zumbathon from 5-8 in Ram’s Head Recreation Center. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, it should be a ton of fun! I’ll definitely be there!

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