Run It Off

I was so excited to see that once again, Campus Rec will be teaming up with Run It Off this Fall! If, like me, you participated in this program last semester, you know how awesome this site is. If this is new to you, I’ve got some information about it for you!

Run It Off has tons of awesome prizes, from gift cards to the latest technology, to give away as long as you log at least 2.5 hours of cardio per week in the SRC or RHRC. They will be giving away prizes regularly, and as long as you clock in your weekly 2.5 hours of cardio, you will be registered for a grand prize at the end of the six week period (last year it was an iPad!).

So here are some simple steps to get involved…

  1. Register with your UNC e-mail address at, whether this is your first time participating or not. This takes two minutes tops! And you must register before September 19th, the date the contest officially starts.
  2. Get in your weekly cardio! Hit up the gym either solo or with some friends. Maybe try out a cardio class like Cardio Funk or Cycling. Or, workout on an elliptical. Just make sure you reach at least 2.5 hours every week through October 31 (and don’t stop then…keep at it!).
  3. After your workout, log in to Run It Off’s website and record the time you spent at the gym. This doesn’t take long either, so don’t forget to do it so you can be in the running for the grand prize!
  4. Become a fan of Run It Off on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter (!/runitoff) for a bunch of giveaways. Last year I won a water bottle!

Good luck getting in your cardio sessions! And let Campus Rec know on Facebook or Twitter if you win something! Happy running!

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